Publication Policies & Ethics

Role of the Author

The accountability of the data depicted in the research/review article shall be of the author. Each manuscript received shall be checked for plagiarism and only genuine manuscripts shall be processed further. Furthermore, authors have to adhere to the authorship criteria, the authors depicted in the manuscript should have contributed in any one of the following ways: Planned the study, executed the study, analyzed the results, edited the manuscript and/or helped in documenting. Any funding received should be suitably acknowledged. If the manuscript is accepted for publishing, the authors shall transfer the copyright to the publisher.

Role of the Editor

The editor shall be responsible for maintaining the quality of the publication by adhering to quality check protocols at each stage. He / She shall be responsible for any decision making pertaining to the journal in consultation with the advisory & editorial board members. The editor shall be instrumental for the peer review process and shall ensure its timeliness, fairness & thoroughness. Since the double blind peer review system is adopted, the editor shall ensure that the identity of the author/reviewer is not revealed and the review process is carried out with utmost integrity and without any bias towards gender, religious beliefs, origin, citizenship & influence of the authors.


Role of the Reviewer

The reviewer shall adhere to the time limit prescribed by the editor. He / She shall not preserve any data from the manuscript submitted to him/her for the review process. Positive criticism/comments are solicited from the reviewer with the sole aim to improve the quality of the submitted manuscript. In the event of any data duplication detected, the reviewer has to notify the editor for any undetected plagiarism.

The reviewer comments should be fair, and should be drafted such that it is easily understood by the editor and author for necessary rectification of the manuscript.


Anti-Plagiarism Policy

Pravara Journal of Science & Technology regards Plagiarism to be a serious offence to the scientific community. All manuscripts submitted to Pravara Journal of Science & Technology shall be subjected to stringent plagiarism check and plagiarism early signs of genital warts | ohnerezeptfreikauf... (e.g. lips, tongue, palate), ... with regards to the early signs of genital warts, you need to keep in mind that they can appear weeks to months after the ... if found shall lead to rejection of the manuscript.